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German Chamomile Essential Oil  

(Matricaria chamomila) This dark blue medium weight oil is described as smelling sweet, strawlike and herby.

German 'Blue' Chamomile Essential Oil has that "deep water" cooling and enveloping influence which soothes and relieves. Along with Helichrysum, it is one of the most potent anti-inflammatory essential oils. The cooling, harmonizing effects of German Chamomile make it a first choice oil against nervous tensions, migraine and all kinds of stress-related disturbances. The herb has a long-standing medicinal tradition, particularly in Europe, for 'all states of tension and the viceral symptoms that can arise therefrom, such as nervous dyspepsia and nervous bowel, tension headaches, and sleeplessness; especially useful for all children's conditions, calming without depressing...' (from Mills, S.Y. - The A-Z of Modern Herbalism).

Another area where German Chamomile can be of great help is the skin, as can Roman Chamomile - though the anti-inflammatory properties of the Blue variety are considered greater. The list is extensive: skin inflammations, acne, allergies, boils, burns, cuts, eczema, dermatitis, problems of the scalp, rashes, insect bites, infected wounds, skin impurities and more.

Information courtesy of http://www.anandaapothecary.com

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