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Organic Black Pepper Essential Oil

(Piper nigrum) Black Pepper essential oil is extracted from dried, fully grown yet unripe fruit of the pepper plant - a perennial woody vine with heart shaped leaves and small white flowers. A native to south west India, pepper is cultivated primarily in tropical climates.

Black pepper has been used since antiquity in the culinary and healing arts. Indian monks had been prescribed seven to nine peppercorns a day in times of distant traveling - apparently it is a great energizer! In Greece it is used for fever and to support the stomach. The essential oil is noted specifically for its action for digestive complaints - it is a powerful digestive stimulant and remedy for dyspepsia, flatulence, nausea and appetite loss.

Black pepper essential oil is good in warming liniment formulas - for aches and pains, along with poor circulation in muscles and joints; it is thought to combine well with Basil oil for this application. It is included in many massage blends to increase blood flow, and may also actually stimulate blood production as a tonic for the spleen.

Information courtesy of http://www.anandaapothecary.com

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